Kim & Lisa Had an Uncomfortable Moment on 'RHOBH'

by Laura Rosenfeld

Well, that was interesting, wasn't it? Or, in the words of the incomparable Lisa Rinna, it was "wackadoodle time." That seems like as apt a description as any to describe that weird car ride Lisa and Kim Richards shared during Tuesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . It was so weird in fact that it made Lisa — and probably mostly everyone at home — think that something might be up with Kim Richards involving her sobriety.

Here's how the bizarre encounter went down. Kim entered the car and told Lisa that the only word to describe how she was feeling was "ornery." She seemed angry and like something was off with her.

Earlier in the episode, there was an awkward scene where Kim's sister Kyle brought everyone to a wine tasting during the spa day, which was actually supposed to just be a lunch with wine served. This was such an uncomfortable moment for everyone, but obviously especially Kim, because she has dealt with alcohol abuse in the past. However, Kim told Kyle she was fine, and she seemed in good spirits sipping her mango juice. She continued to seem fine with it when she sat down to lunch with Kyle the next day. Her only complaint was, understandably, that the promised lunch served was actually just cheese and crackers. I mean, she has a point.

But something was definitely up with Kim when she was in the car with Lisa on the way to play poker at Eileen Davidson's house. Lisa was clearly weirded out and asked Kim, albeit jokingly, if she had been drinking or on drugs. In an interview later on, she expressed that she felt like Kim was behaving strangely, saying she seemed "fucked up." Kim would later describe that she was depressed because her ex-husband Monty is suffering from cancer.

And then Kim and Lisa did this whole acting exercise to help Kim see that she still has it in the drama department. A lot of blue steel looks were thrown, F bombs were dropped, and Kim even called Lisa a "slut." But don't worry. This wasn't a Housewives fight of epic proportions. It was just some improv. I think.

Lisa could not get out of that car fast enough, and I was right there with her. That was definitely one of the more bizarre moments we have seen on RHOBH this season, maybe even ever. The moment was reminiscent of Kim's past erratic behavior before her sobriety, which is why it was so hard to watch.

Image: Nicole Weingart/Bravo