Maybe Rowena Doesn't Want Hell's Throne

Easily one of the best things about Supernatural Season 10 has been the hilarious exchanges between Crowley, King of Hell, and his mother Rowena the witch while she is in captivity in Hell. I live for their catty back and forth, and despite Rowena obviously being a sneaky, conniving woman, I can't help but think she is just the coolest. However, I'm also determined to figure out what on Earth she is planning against Crowley. In the Season 10 midseason premiere "The Hunter Games," we get more snarky banter from mother and son, including Crowley shooing Rowena's offer of comfort: "Not a thing you evil bitch." And Rowena's obviously perfect response: "Not a thing you evil bitch, mother." But more importantly than that (only by story progression point of view), we finally see Rowena's plans in action, despite still not knowing exactly what she wants. The most logical theory is that Rowena wants to take over Hell from her son. But what if Supernatural throws us for a twist? What if there's an even stranger agenda lurking under that incredible red hair?

It seems completely reasonable and understandable to assume that Rowena just wants to take over Crowley's Hell throne, but let's be honest, there's just no fun in that. And we saw this exact plot in Season 9 with Abaddon, yet another fiery, badass redhead. So couldn't there be more to Rowena's plan? She's spending an awful lot of time manipulating Crowley into believing he can't trust anyone.

Here's a theory. Maybe Rowena is trying to dismantle ruling of any kind in Hell. Maybe it's not just about manipulating her own son into his demise as he descents into paranoia and fear of being killed, maybe she wants anarchy to run rampant in Hell. But why would anyone want that? Perhaps she relishes the chaos, perhaps she really does want to take over as the Queen of Hell. Or maybe she's hoping that once Demons go loose, there can be some changes within the witch covens.

As Rowena has stated before, there are three different kinds of witches: The Borrowers, the Naturals and the Students. Borrowers get their powers from demons, Naturals are obviously born with their powers, and Students are those without any innate power but can learn how to harness and use magic through the help of other witches. According to Rowena, Borrowers are the most common witches and Naturals are the most rare. So if the demons are too busy to deal with witches, if the leader of Hell is someone who can do Rowena's bidding, maybe the Borrowers will start to lose their powerful numbers, leading the Naturals to take charge in the witch world with Rowena leading that charge?

And how powerful is Rowena? We still don't know. It's important to note that in "The Hunter Games," we finally see her doing some real magic including planting hex bags under Crowley's throne and doing some creepy spell involving a small animal's bones to help spy on her son while he does business with the Winchesters. I wonder what use creeping on her son has in her agenda if not to be one step ahead of him at all times. And if that is her plan, how far will her manipulation go? All I know is I love this woman, and I'm willing to see her almost destroy everything and everyone we love to get more screen time for her. Almost.

Images: The CW (screenshot); mooseleys/Tumblr (3)