Astronaut & Obama Guest Scott Kelly's Best Tweets

Apparently President Obama hasn't done his research about his wife's guests to the State of the Union. One of Michelle Obama's 22 distinguished guests on Tuesday night was Scott Kelly, a NASA astronaut who in just two months will embark on a yearlong mission at the International Space Station in order to prepare NASA for an energized space program that will hope to send astronauts to Mars. President Obama called out to Scott Kelly in his State of the Union address and wished him the best of luck, and he also asked him to Instagram his experience. Here's the problem though. Kelly doesn't yet have an Instagram. So, in honor of this slight mix-up, we're here to encourage Kelly to jump about the 'Gram train immediately, and here's a look back over Kelly's best Twitter moments because that's the only social media he seems to use.

Obviously most of Kelly's tweets are space-related, most having to do with his upcoming trip to the International Space Station. This kind of trip is a huge honor and responsibility for any astronaut, so Kelly tweets quite a bit about his excitement for the trip as well as retweeting fellow astronauts and providing his followers with a countdown to his launch.

But he's definitely got a sense of humor he infuses into his social media personality, which he showed by retweeting this awesome photobomb moment.

Kelly is also a fan of pop culture apparently, as he definitely watched (like millions of us) the newest Christopher Nolan film Interstellar. Though, his watching the film makes a whole lot more sense. Do you think he and his friends sat around critiquing it? That would be awesome.

Kelly also finds the time to advocate for other important issues like bullying. Here, he tweeted a YouTube video of himself speaking on the subject.

But the best thing about Kelly's Twitter page, aside from his compassion and happiness for his colleagues, are his tweets of images that show his followers an inside look into NASA training and everything astronauts get to see on a daily basis.

It almost makes me want to be an astronaut. Almost. But it definitely makes me wish Kelly had an Instagram to document the clearly amazing things he's going to see up in space for a whole freaking year. Get on it, Kelly. Don't let POTUS down!