13 Incredible Twitter Reactions To Joni Ernst's Republican Rebuttal, From Bread Bags To Biscuits

Besides making you hungry for biscuits, what did you think of Sen. Jodi Ernst's Republican response to the State of the Union address? The senator from Iowa wore a suit as blue as her eyes and appeared to be hypnotizing us. I half expected her speech to end with "Panem Today. Panem Tomorrow. Panem Forever." She started off with an anecdote about putting bags on her shoes because she was poor and it was raining. Let me guess, she had to walk to school uphill both ways in the snow, too. She also mentioned that she worked at Hardee's selling biscuits to pay for college — can we please put a stop to this baby boomer rhetoric? I'm so sick of it. The world doesn't work that way anymore! The minimum wage is not the same when you went to school than when we went to school! Neither is college tuition! Anyway, her speech was generally more personal and folksy than the president's address. Unfortunately, that makes it easy fodder for Twitter mockery.

What were the best reactions on Twitter? While my Southern friends and I focused on the biscuits, most of the chatter on social media began after that weird "mom put bread bags on my feet" story.

That Ronan Farrow, always good for a Twitter quip.

Many people had the observation that she sounded like a flight attendant. In fact, Ernst's soothing (hypnotizing) voice and eerily relaxed attitude was the topic of a lot of the Twitter audience.

Others went after the political content of her speech.

Ouch. There's also this gem — did I miss something on Parks and Recreation?

Some looked on the bright side. How could you not, with Ernst's eyes burning holes in your soul?

Please? I really, really want a biscuit now. Finally, I'm going to leave you with the shoes that Sen. Ernst was wearing during her speech.

She's come a long way from those bread bags, y'all. Look, she is a veteran, so I get the choice. Part of me even thinks it's pretty ballsy of her to wear camo pumps. Think how many male senators and congressmen (more likely congressman, let's be real) are wearing cowboy boots right now.

Yeah, well, now I feel bad.