'AHS' Season 5 Really Needs NPH. Really.

The gifted and universally adored Neil Patrick Harris finally made his American Horror Story debut as the charming but totally creepy chameleon salesman Chester Creb and it was the most promising thing to happen on Freak Show since Twisty the Clown's death. In two short episodes, Chester has managed to creep his way to the front of the "freak" line as one of the most mentally unstable characters on the show. Between Dandy's puppeteering his dead mother and Stanley's mysteriously large male bits, that was no easy feat. But with the finale on its way, the only question left is whether NPH will be back on AHS Season 5.

An AHS-obsessed Instagram account posted on Reddit and since deleted (promising!) teased that the expense book Chester revealed to Elsa upon arrival might be a crucial AHS Season 5 clue and lead to the possibility of NPH's return (though how that clue actually connects to future AHS seasons is super unclear, so take it with a giant grain of salt). Sure, AHS Creator Ryan Murphy is no stranger to hinting what's in store for the horror series, but we're not exactly looking at a guarantee here. NPH and his hubby, David Burtka, will both appear in the finale, but since FX CEO John Landgraf admitted to not knowing the AHS Season 5 cast yet, a reappearance isn't exactly destined.

If, for some reason, Murphy isn't planning to cast NPH for the "reinvented" fifth season, he should definitely reconsider immediately. Even though the couple refused to join initially, Murphy told EW he's had his eye on NPH since Murder House and, if my opinion matters, I'm sure NPH would make a healthy addition to the cast of Season 5. After all, he's been the best guest star, possibly ever, and I can prove it:

He Basically Saved Freak Show

AHS consistently starts off with an incredible premise, but this season arguably fell short once the Twisty storyline wrapped up. Freak Show had AHS' highest-rated premiere ever, but it's been sinking as each episode passes. In fact, its most recent episode dropped to just 2.94 million viewers from 6.13 million in October. But a familiar face playing a second charming and mentally unbalanced villain like Dandy is exactly what Freak Show needed.

Gone Girl Proved He Can Be Epically, Flawlessly Creepy

I'll be the first to admit that I did not picture the HIMYM star while reading Gillian Flynn's epic novel Gone Girl. But I'll also shamelessly admit that he was absolutely perfect. I'm even glad the film strayed from his character Desi Collings' original murder scene because this was way more creepy. Neil Patrick Harris nearly out-creeped the hit movie's psycho leading lady, which, in case you haven't seen the film, was not an easy task.

Barbara Walters Declared Him One of 2014’s Most Fascinating People

Barbara Walters has been putting together her 10 Most Fascinating People list for more than 20 years, and NPH was right up there next to Oprah Winfrey and the Pope. And rightfully so. The guy is a multi-talented, unapologetically flamboyant and undeniably recognized face who has been invited to host dozens of award shows based solely on the TV personality that attracts so many. It's only a matter of time before everyone wants him on their show.

He & Burtka Couldn’t Turn Ryan Murphy Down Twice

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Neil said he and David had just played a not-so-happy, fake-gay couple in the third Harold and Kumar movie when AHS creator Ryan Murphy asked them to join the cast of Murder House, adding:

David wanted to. I said, ‘I just don’t want us to be known as a couple that don’t like each other. That seems weird.’ And then wouldn’t you know, American Horror Story is a big, gigantic success and super awesome.

Maybe he'll come back again, now?

He Was Really Into His Role — Bare Booty and All

It's not totally surprising that the multi-talented superstar went all out for this role and it's even less surprising that he adores his cast-mates. Bette and Dott actress Sarah Paulson even admitted on The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show that having NPH's bare butt right in her face (or faces) was a true AHS highlight.

Here's hoping Chester's surefire demise doesn't scare NPH away from future horror stories, amirite?

Images: Michele K. Short/FX