You Can Stream 'The Interview' on Netflix

I can't tell if The Interview is best compared to The Little Engine That Could, any underdog ever, or a zombie. When the film first came out, whether you found it funny and planned to see it or not would later pale in comparison to the fact that it became every patriot's duty to find a way to see it, thanks to the threats and actions of hacker group Guardians of Peace. They tried to kill the film before its release, but, if you tell Americans no, the response ranges somewhere between "YAAASSSSS" and "LOL." Such is the case with The Interview, which was first released On Demand and in certain online locals before this, its latest victory. Clear your schedules, everyone, because The Interview will start streaming on Netflix on January 24. I repeat: The Interview is coming to Netflix on January 24. YAAAAASSSS.

Netflix announced this joyous news on Tuesday while reporting its fourth-quarter earnings via Business Insider. According to the official statement from its earnings report, "We are thrilled to offer exclusively the controversial comedy, The Interview, to our U.S. and Canadian members beginning this Saturday, January 24 — just 30 days after it debuted in theaters and pay-per-view." Has there ever been a greater time to be both an American and a Netflix customer? Who knew you could stand for freedom and revolution just by binge-watching Netflix? And your parents told you to get off the computer! (Haha, Mom and Dad. Ha. HA!)

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Although it's debatable how much money the movie actually made considering how much Sony lost investing in it prior to the threats and subsequent pull from major theaters, one can't deny that the lasting power of The Interview went way, way up from the controversy surrounding it. Before, it was yet another forgettable James Franco and Seth Rogen comedy team-up that was likely to pale in comparison to the hilarious depth of Pineapple Express. Now it's the perfect fodder for rebels without a cause to tell their grandchildren about the time they got their patriotism on just by watching a movie.

We'll never know if The Interview would have been one of the most significant movies of 2014 without all this controversy (still betting on no), but the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of ways to watch it even if it never received a theater release. Netflix now allowing subscribers to stream it for free will ensure that The Interview reaches an even wider audience than it has to this point, which can only be good for Sony and for the film's stars. So take a break from your Friends marathon and make sure you watch The Interview from start to finish. It's your civic duty.

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