Rebecca Minkoff's Ath-Leisure Line Is Gym Chic

Athletic wear that's appropriate for both for the gym and for casual endeavors such as "caffeinding" at Starbucks or running errands at Target has been all the rage for awhile, and now it has the coolest vocab word to describe it. High-end designer Rebecca Minkoff designed an "ath-leisure" line of workout-inspired streetwear that is going to blow your mind.

Tons of labels have been tapping in to this niche lately — Beyonce is working on a similar collection with Topshop — while others, like Stella McCartney and her lines for Adidas (she has a signature and a youth-directed StellaSport collection with the brand), have been tapping into this market for years.

Minkoff decided it was time to make a play in this burgeoning world of practical fashion when female staffers noted, during an informal survey, that they wanted to look like they worked out, even if they hadn't, when it came to weekend wear.

She told WWD that "I really started noticing that our customer wants to have an even more casual approach to dressing, mixing that feeling of relaxed, but still keeping it chic."

Ath-leisure style elevates basics into a hybrid of fashion and function that can take you from the gym to the street seamlessly. It certainly serves a workout purpose, but it's still cool and stylish enough to wear while running errands or hanging out.

For Minkoff, this concept resulted in workable and wearable gym-meets-street chic.

The Minkoff take on ath-leisure involves "everyday clothes" for the customer to sport during "all of her events and experiences." Overall, the pieces will be lightweight, breathable, and made of mesh, spandex, and Neoprene (employed for its slimming effect).

You can expect bra tops, dresses, leggings, miniskirts, sweats, jackets, and vests, but they will have high-end detailing and flourishes, like leather trim or silver foil fabric (which is reflective). Sounds fancier than your average gym sweats, no? The brand will also offer 20 bag styles as well as low-top sneakers.

Doesn't this sporty but sexy ensemble above look like something Gwen Stefani would wear? It totally does.

Scoop up pieces starting in April at Minkoff outposts, online, and at ShopBop. Prices are moderate to pricy, from $58 to $225 and offerings will be updated seasonally.

I personally dig everything I've seen so for. There's nothing better than sweats that don't look like, well, sweats! It might be time to activate a gym membership, ladies, since there are so many options to look bangin' on the treadmill and beyond.

Images: Rebecca Minkoff (3)