It's Time To Rage With Alexander Wang's New Ad

Let's rage! The usually—okay, make that always—flawless designer Alexander Wang has once again done the unthinkable. The designer's eponymous brand has captured the very essence of EDM culture in photo form. The bright, lively, and colorful Alexander Wang Spring 2015 party bus ad is the total opposite of his (fifty) shades of gray H&M collection from the fall, which featured dystopian street attire in somber colors. Here, color, and, well, life abound, with model Anna Ewers perched in a seat hanging from the rafters of the party bus. All aboard, indeed!

Is it me or do you hear the sounds of pulsating, undulating, subwoofer-shaking beats of EDM while simply looking at this ad? It really captures the essence of "live and loud" dance culture, or even a Las Vegas casino, (some of which often host DJ residencies), in one striking image. That's not easy to do, but this Alexander Wang and he has proven that he can pretty much do anything he wants... like get me to part with $800 for a black pebbled Rockie bag with nickel hardware without thinking twice, for example.

I almost didn't notice Ewers' covetable, chunky platforms the first time, since the bright lights captured my attention so strongly.

None of this was an accident, mind you. Wang admitted his real-life love for the party bus culture and atmosphere, confessing that it's perfect for "prolonging a good night. There have been so many times when people leave a club and they have to split up and find taxis or get stuck in traffic. They sober up. The party bus is the traveling party. It never stops."

Mission accomplished with the ad. It doesn't look like Ewers is ready to go home any time soon.

Image: Alexander Wang (1)