This Is What It Feels Like To Be An Amazing Skier

Guess what? There's a new way to feel like a total badass without even putting pants on (no, not that, although fair point). In fact, the kind of badassery I'm talking about requires little to no effort on your part. All you have to do is hit "play" and then bam!—you're the best skier you know. Nay, among the best skiers this world has ever seen. Now that professional skier Candide Thovex has recorded what it feels like to be an amazing skier, you can live out your dream of hitting the slopes with the pros without getting any snow up your pants, or even leaving the comfort of your nice warm bed.

The video is all shot from his perspective as he races down a snowy mountain, defying gravity with his crazy jumps and flips. You can actually hear the shift in the air funneling around him when he is up off the ground. I'm going to be honest, the one time I went on a ski trip, I never made it off the bunny hill and repeatedly fell on purpose when I felt myself even start to waver, but watching this video made me feel like a champion. Even nature is in awe of this man. LOOK AT THIS EAGLE:


Thevox started skiing when he was two, and has been doing it professionally since he was 14, and since then he's been known for his fearlessness in the sport. Thanks to this video, now we can also feel like we've done something productive with our lives today, too. Prepare yourself for the wildest five minute ride of your life:

Image: YouTube