9 Cases for Johnny Depp and His Fedoras, The Ultimate Hollywood Power Couple

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Johnny Depp has a new movie coming out, and with that, there's no doubt he'll be debuting a slew of terrible hats on the red carpet soon. Honestly, in a world so anti-Fedora, I'm amazed that we've let him wear one to every event for over a decade now. On anyone else this would be a crime against humanity, but somehow he routinely gets away with it because ... well, he's Johnny Depp.

Depp and ridiculous hats of all shapes and sizes go hand-in-hand, or, rather, hat-in-head. I'm not saying it's right, but I am saying it's the way of the world. And somehow you, I, and society have allowed this to happen. Why? Allow me to present nine cases of Depp pulling off a ridiculous hat while other celebs look foolish in comparison.

Before we proceed, I want you to grab my hands and say it with me: "There is never any excuse when it comes to fedoras." Friends do not let friends wear fedoras. Let me be perfectly clear that Depp is the only exception — and not the rule.

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