This May Explain The SAG 'Transparent' Snub

Just a few weeks after making some Golden Globes history, taking the first step towards better transgender representation on television and film, Transparent's awards season journey is already at an early end, at least until the Emmys later this year. Transparent was snubbed by the SAG Awards, so we'll be robbed of another emotional speech from Jill Soloway, one of the many female showrunners we heard from at the Globes. Thankfully, Amazon has already committed to a second season of Transparent, so we can already start hoping for more awards recognition next year.

The SAGs didn't recognize Jeffrey Tambor's performance, or any of the supporting characters, or even the ensemble as a whole. And I don't think the reason is that the voting body wasn't impressed or that they don't appreciate the strides the series has made in trans representation. I'm sure the SAG members who have seen the show love it, but there are a couple of reasons why Transparent may have been snubbed. This is the voting group who just now are realizing that Tatiana Maslany deserves a nomination for Female Actor in a Drama Series for Orphan Black, and she literally plays 12 characters at a time. Every awards show plays by its own rules, and here are some possible reasons why the SAG Awards overlooked the first season of Transparent.

It's A Brand New Show

First of all, the SAGs are pretty much the polar opposite of the Golden Globes (where Transparent was rewarded with both Best Comedy Series and Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical). They don't like to reward brand new shows very often.

Amazon Hasn't Proven Itself As A Network Yet

The SAG Awards haven't awarded a show that originated on an online streaming network yet, and it makes way more sense to choose Netflix before Amazon, right? Netflix has an aura of prestige and track record that Amazon hasn't quite matched yet. I predict that once Netflix wins a SAG, the Amazon shows will follow.

There Are A Lot Of Loyalty Picks

Essentially, coworkers are voting for one another at the SAG Awards, so actors who have great relationships with the voters likely benefit from those connections. That could explain why there's an overrepresentation of long-in-the-tooth network shows like Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory — they have huge casts and a lot of guest stars, so there are more actors who have worked with and for the people involved. While Tambor sure is loved and appreciated by all, I'm sure, from his work on The Larry Sanders Show, Arrested Development, and his dozens of other credits, it apparently wasn't enough to stop those huge juggernauts.

It's Not Really A Comedy Or A Drama

Maybe when it came to choosing best performances, voters blanched at choosing a comedic performer who got to play so many dramatic scenes and was served by such a well-developed arc. Transparent attempts to capture the tone of real life, which doesn't fall into straightforward genre definitions. Though that makes for an excellent series, it could've hurt the show's awards chances.

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