'Breaking Bad' Finale Broke Records

Last night's Breaking Bad series finale "Felina" had a record 10.3 million viewers, beating all other Sunday night programming by a landslide. And that INCLUDES Sunday night football, which is a juggernaut. Also, did you know Homeland premiered last night? Probably not. You and 10 million other people were too busy tuned into AMC to notice.

I'm so proud of Vince Gilligan, Bryan Cranston and company! They've come such a long way since the series premiere five years ago in 2008 when their first episode got a meager viewership of 1.41 million viewers.

Breaking Bad really started blowing up when the first four seasons were offered on Netflix, after which the Season 5 premiere had a viewership of 2.93 million viewers. Much of their fan base seems to have found Breaking Bad through the streaming service (myself included).

Netflix saves the day again — Breaking Bad made for amazing binge watching. Once a cult hit, Breaking Bad became the one show you had to be watching to basically live in the world. The Season 4 finale, "Face Off," only garnered 1.9 million viewers, which is 8 million less than last night's finale. Yeah, bitch!

One can only speculate how many viewers will tune in to Vince Gilligan's next endeavor, the prequel spinoff featuring our favorite sleazy lawyer, Saul Goodman, but something tells us it will be way more than 1.41 million.