Are 'Vampire Diaries' Kai & Elena Getting Romantic? This Leading Lady Has Quite the Effect On Bad Boys

Let me paint a picture for you: Boy meets Girl. Girl initially can't stand Boy until Boy uses devilish charm that eventually wins Girl over. Vast amounts of sexual chemistry ensues. And just like that, a 'ship is born. We've all seen this formula play out time and time again, even on this very show (just with a lot more bloodlust). Which is why I'm starting to grow all the more suspicious about Kai and Elena's relationship on The Vampire Diaries., especially since they're about to start spending a whole lot of quality time together. TVD's midseason premiere "Woke Up With a Monster" will pick up right where the series' not-so-jolly Christmas episode left off with Kai's recent abduction of Elena, which will find our leading lady once again in distress. (Classic Gilbert, amirite?)

But despite the fact that kidnappings don't usually insinuate romance (unless you're into that sorta thing, I guess), I have a feeling that putting these two characters in close proximity to each other is bound to make one or two (or 2,000) sparks fly. For starters, they're just two really attractive people, so seeing them on screen together is like the equivalent of a chemistry-filled ticking time bomb just waiting to explode. Not to mention the fact that our girl Elena here has a habit of falling for the "bad boys," even if she can't currently remember doing so.

I mean, remember back when she use to act completely repulsed by Damon, when really she would look at him as if he were a hot fudge sundae (as we all do)? That's kinda her thing! She lashes out against their bad behavior; they, in turn, admire her rebellious, fiery nature, and end up falling head over heels. Granted, Kai has a few other things on his mind right now — like merging with his twin sister, Jo, so that he can absorb her power by killing her. (You know, normal sibling type stuff.) So he may not have romance on the brain, but that doesn't mean Elena won't have a significant impact on him all the same.

Then there's the whole ex-factor to consider. As much as I crave a Delena reconciliation, Julie Plec may decide to pull back on that particular 'shipping pair for a bit in light of Ian Somerhalder's recent engagement news. I know that they're both professionals and everything, but it's gotta be awkward on both parties to have to constantly be all over each other on set. Add that to the growing speculation that Chris Wood and Nina Dobrev (Kai and Elena's real life counterparts) are potentially dating, and we've gotten some serious fuel for this relationship fire. Nothing has been confirmed, mind you, but they would make a pretty cute couple, I gotta say. And the fans tend to agree…

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Like I said, though, I'm not necessarily for this match-up anymore than I am for a Bonnie and Damon hook-up. (I'm #TeamDelena all the way, baby!) But I sadly do not control the writing on this show (pshh, if only) and therefore have no influence over the trajectory of this coupling, especially if they gain an extensive amount of 'shipping support. And from the look of things, it's already started…

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They even have a few potential 'shipping names being tossed around…

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Personally, I prefer Kailena.

And a fanfiction-inspired video…


Now, by the same token, others find the idea completely repulsive either because they dislike one of the characters or have biased feelings in the Delena/Stelena departments...or because the whole captor/captive relationship situation can give some folks a strong icky vibe. And that's totally fine. Believe me, I get it. All I'm saying is you may want to start preparing yourselves for this possible scenario. Because some relationships are just like Kai himself in that you never quite see it coming.

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