Good News, Winos

In case you needed some really great news to start off your Thursday afternoon, you'll be excited to hear that a new study in the European Heart Journal has found that having one drink a day can improve your heart health, and that it is, in fact, better than abstaining from alcohol entirely. Researchers found that among their 15,000-person sample size comprised of males and females, alcohol consumption in early-to-middle age can help regulate the pressure it takes to keep blood properly pumping around the body. A team at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston analyzed data from participants over the course of 25 years with regards to alcohol consumption and found that, among the participants, 2,500 developed heart failure. The lowest occurrence of heart failure was present among the group of people consuming seven drinks per week and the higher rates were in those who abstained completely.

There have been numerous studies done showing that alcohol is good for you, especially studies around drinking a glass of wine and how it can improve your heart health. It's also important to remember, though, that there are certain health risks involved with drinking alcohol (especially drinking too much), so always make sure to moderate and consider your own personal and family health history before falling for any piece of research out there. As for me, I think it's time for that mimosa I felt guilty about before.

Image: Fotolia