The 'Wonder Woman' Short You Need to See

We have talked again and again and again about the fact that Hollywood's feet-dragging has to stop when it comes to making a Wonder Woman movie. We won't get too far into the details and the dregs of that conversation right now — we'll just direct you towards this Wonder Woman short film that proves our point.

Studios often underestimate fans — they kind of cordon them off into a separate space and categorize them as the weirdos who would get Chris Evans' face tattooed on their stomachs. That's a whole other discussion, but what it boils down to is this: This short film is fan-made, and so far it looks a hell of a lot better than anything the people with billions of dollars at Warner Bros. are doing to make Wonder Woman happen.

The costume, the creatures, the Amazonians: This short nails the iconicity of Wonder Woman while bringing her firmly into the modern world, and they do it with literally no dialogue.

So to director Sam Balcomb of Rainfall Films, Rileah Vanderbilt, who played Wonder Woman, and every editor and FX person who put their time into this short: We thank you. If Warner Bros. doesn't make us a movie, can you?

Image: Rainfall Films via Youtube