3 Ways You're Messing With Your Sleep

Given that we sleep a third of our lifetime (or if you’re anything like this guy, more like a fourth), we get a fair amount of mileage out of those sanctuaries we call our beds. But given that people know surprisingly little about their own sleep habits and behaviors, the folks over at Digg have put together an infographic called “Beds And The Science Of Healthy Sleep” to break down the basic, albeit lesser known facts about your sleep cycle. Read for a quick diagnostic from Digg about how your dozing practices measure up.

1. The Mattress

A mattress too firm or too soft can agitate your pressure points, says Digg. The "just right" bowl of porridge in this case should "almost make you feel as if you're floating on air," they add. So memory foam isn't a bad idea if you can scrap for it.

Bustle suggestion: Reserve your bed for sleeping! (And sexy time.) Working from bed can affect your brain's ability to register that your bedroom is a place for relaxation (no good). And if you need a little help in the mattress department, we've got you covered.

2. The Brain

Proper sleep is paramount to your brain's ability to function properly. Some people require more sleep than others, but most studies recommend between 7-9 hours a night, says Digg.

Bustle suggestion: Try to power down your cellphones, laptops, and iPads before bed. According to research, the LED screens in e-readers before bed are the true culprits of poor sleep, as their light emissions mess with your brain’s “secretion of melatonin, a hormone which normally rises in the evening and plays a role in inducing sleepiness.”

3. The Body

Did you know that what you lose in sleep you can gain in weight? This can be a result of your "wanting to eat less breakfast but more snacks," says Digg. "This makes a healthy sleep essential for weight loss."

Bustle suggestion: Develop a bedtime ritual and be cognizant of what you're eating and drinking before bedtime. Try not to go to bed too full, and stay away from caffeine at least a couple of hours before sleeping.

Head over to Digg to check out their full scoop on bedtime factoids. Head here for some more tips from our team.

Now go forth and nap peacefully.

Image: lenets_tan/Fotolia