15 Book-Tourism Destinations For Literature-Lovers That You Have To Put On Your Bucket List

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One of my favorite parts of road trips is driving along and unexpectedly coming across a sign for any sort of literary historical home or landmark — like when I was driving across the country from Minnesota to Georgia and stumbled upon Hannibal, Missouri (aka the birthplace and childhood home of Mark Twain). Now, with Gone Girl fandom off the charts, a new small town in Missouri (Cape Girardeau) is picking up some literary tourism, as well.

Of course, not every literary geek will be in the middle of the country sometime soon, which is fine, because no matter where your 2015 travel plans take you in the world, there's bound to be a significant literary landmark somewhere nearby.

From Harry Potter-fanatics to Oscar Wilde-devotees, here's a list of houses, museums, monuments, and natural landmarks from across the globe to help squeeze some some literary history into your next vacation.

Image: kelly taylor/flickr

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