Red Velvet Oreos Are Coming, And What Better Time To Rank All The Cookie's Different Flavors?

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As you may have heard, Nabisco has something rather special indeed up its sleeve, and it will be making its appearance just in time for Valentine's Day: Red Velvet Oreos. Previously believed to be mythical, much has been made of these glorious-sounding cookies since their announcement; they'll hit shelves on February 2, and sandwich cookie aficionados everywhere are simply cackling with excitement. I can't say I blame them; I've always had a soft spot for things that look like they should be strawberry-flavored and taste like chocolate.

In honor of the occasion, therefore, I've developed an incredibly scientific process (by which I mean there's nothing remotely scientific about it) aimed at identifying the definitive ranking of Oreo flavors. Oh, OK, maybe it's not definitive; not every Oreo that has ever been invented is featured, and the focus is mostly on those which were released in North America. Even so, though, I've tried to represent as wide a swath of Oreo flavors as possible: Both the familiar and the strange. So, counting back from 20 to one — that is, from worst to best — here they are. Agree? Disagree? I'm open to alternative rankings. All's fair in love and Oreos, right?

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