Amanda Bynes' Case Takes A Promising Turn

There is some good news and some iffy news for a certain celebrity who has had a tumultuous few years. Let's start with the good: TMZ reports that the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office will not press charges against Amanda Bynes for that suspicion of DUI arrest that went down last September. That's great news, especially considering Bynes has been reported to be doing so much better lately — even her Twitter has, overall, seemed more positive and shown a healthier Bynes.

Now, though, for the iffy news: Despite not being charged with a DUI, it seems the actress is not out of the woods just yet. The L.A. City Attorney’s Office has reportedly referred Bynes’ case to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office for them to review it, and determine whether or not the actress violated her probation.

Here's what L.A. City Attorney's Office spokesperson Frank Mateljan told E! News:

As you know, she is currently on probation to the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office for a 2012 DUI out of Beverly Hills. The matter was referred yesterday. No further action [in our office] is scheduled on this matter.

Technically, since Bynes was allegedly on Adderall at the time of her arrest, that could be considered a violation of her probation, but the good news is, a source told TMZ that the City Attorney thinks the "relatively low" amount of Adderall in Bynes's bloodstream probably wouldn't be enough to win over a jury. However, as TMZ also points out, any amount of Adderall could be considered a violation, and the D.A. could choose to revoke her probation — something that could mean jail time.

Hopefully, Bynes will continue to stay on a positive path through this ordeal — the most important thing at this point is that the actress remains healthy at this point, no matter what happens.