Will 'Eye Candy' Be Renewed For A Second Season?

I'm a sucker for a good mystery, especially when the good mystery involves a bunch of hot guys running around in leather jackets. (Why do you think I'm still watching The Vampire Diaries?) MTV's latest scripted drama Eye Candy delivers the goods and then some. The series stars Victoria Justice as a computer hacker named Lindy who is still reeling from her sister's kidnapping years earlier. As if Lindy's life wasn't already hard enough, she's also the obsession of a deadly stalker whose intentions are to have Lindy all to himself — by murdering everyone else in her life. And though the show may be on MTV, it isn't holding back — there are murders aplenty on this series, and only two episodes have aired. The show is a deliciously creepy cat-and-mouse game and I can't wait to see what its next move is. But just how long will we get to follow Lindy and the gang in their pursuit? Here's what we know so far about Eye Candy 's potential for a Season 2.

If you're afraid that the TV gods will cancel the MTV drama before the Season 1 finale, don't worry — MTV has ordered 10 episodes of the series. We don't know much information about Eye Candy after that — it's still too early for MTV to order a second season of the show. Unfortunately, compared to other MTV series who did get a second season, the fate of Eye Candy isn't looking too good. According to Show Buzz Daily, the premiere pulled in 0.59 million viewers, and the second episode pulled in just a few more with 0.63 million views. The numbers aren't great, especially when compared to other MTV series. Finding Carter, which did receive a second season order, premiered with 1.69 million viewers, according to TV By the Numbers.

Of course, traditional ratings aren't the only way to keep a show afloat — tons of viewers get their media exclusively from online sources like Hulu or iTunes, which can skew ratings considerably. Ultimately what could save Eye Candy is hype from fans — and it seems to be building a decent fan base, according to social media.

Season 2 of Eye Candy is hardly a lost cause — so if you want more, watch more. I know I will be.

Images: MTV; eyecandy-mtv/Tumblr