Terrified Of Any Disney Villains? Just Watch This

Just as it's ridiculously difficult to imagine a world where Disney princesses are actually voiced by real, loving people who aren't actually princesses, it's just as hard to make the mental connection that the same goes for Disney's villains. In reality, the people who recorded the voices for scary characters like Scar and Maleficent were totally normal people who did not actually dedicate their real lives to terrifying children off screen. It's easy to forget this reality, but, fortunately, Buzzfeed is here to remind us that the actors behind the Disney villains are probably somebody's parent and a totally pleasant person. Hey, after watching the video, I can safely say that every voice actor on this list looks like a really nice person!

The video — which has the perfect soundtrack for this subject matter — catalogs just about every villain in Disney movie history, plus the villain's corresponding voice actor. And although I maintain that The Little Mermaid's Ursula is the scariest villain (seriously, who thinks it's okay to steal a teenager's vocal chords?!), the rest of the bad guys featured in this video give her a run for her money... or, um, her collection of merpeople souls, I guess.


Ursula and Pat Carroll definitely look nothing alike. In fact, if I met Carroll in line at the grocery store, I'd assume that she was picking up stuff to make her grandchildren their favorite meal, not that in the past she voiced the octopus who haunted my nightmares for the entirety of my childhood.

Lady Tremaine

While Lady Tremaine was a wicked stepmother, Eleanor Audley definitely doesn't look wicked.


I want you to know that Jeremy Irons is playing Alfred in the new Batman vs. Superman movie. Scar is now Alfred. How the tables have turned!

Governor Ratcliffe

Give Steirs a break, he is definitely no Governor Ratcliffe. Also, this makes me realize that I haven't watched Pocahontas in so long!

Dr. Facilier

Fun fact: Keith David has now joined Community, so there's a weird casting for you — if you've just watched The Princess & The Frog, that is. But that said, he looks like a perfectly nice man and not at all evil!

Cruella De Vil

Betty Lou Gerson was a pinup, not a woman who skins puppies to make a coat like Cruella was. I don't buy it.

Captain Hook

These two also don't resemble each other much, which is good, because Captain Hook is terrifying.


Richard White is a little bit older than Gaston, and definitely looks like a nicer dude than Gaston was portrayed to be in the movie.


Look, Audley's back! She also played Maleficent, who she looks nothing like either.


Soooo, I think these two are pretty different.


Eartha Kitt?! Yzma is much less terrifying now.


There's no way. Jonathan Freeman is way too happy about his life to try to convince Jasmine to fall in love with him against her will.

Images: YouTube (12)