20 Edible Valentine's Day Gifts That Are Way Less Cliche Than Boring Old Chocolate Or Fruit

When you think about getting your significant other an edible present as a Valentine's Day gift, two things probably come to mind: chocolate and fruit. Maybe a nice little combination of both, like chocolate-covered strawberries, or a cute Edible Arrangement. And hey, there's nothing wrong with eating truffles and berries after your romantic V-Day dinner — actually, it's awesome — but sometimes you just want to do something a little different.

I mean, there are so many more delicious gifts out there that don't include chocolate or fruit that it would be a disgrace against humanity to not even at least explore your options. Why stick to the same thing everyone else is getting if you could buy a gourmet dessert that will impress your significant other or friend, and make their taste buds really happy? Make this Valentine's Day extra special and scrumptious, starting with these top picks.

A Pucker Up Gift Set

Pucker Up Gift Set, $25, Sugarfina

Sugarfina makes amazing candies that have so many unique flavors. Plus, the packaging is really cute. This Pucker Up gift set is perfect for Valentine’s Day, and includes cherry sweetheart candies, baby butterflies, and my personal favorite, sugar lips.

A Sorbet Gift Set

Valentine’s Day Sorbet Collection, $50 or $90, eCreamery

eCreamery makes delicious ice cream that everyone should try and enjoy — they also make amazing sorbet. Get your significant other or friend a set of sorbet in special Valentine’s Day flavors. Spend less money and get half gallons, or spend more to get full gallons.

Meat and Cheese Set

Grand Sausage and Cheese Gift Box, $50, Harry and David

Who doesn’t want to receive a box full of cheese on Valentine’s Day? This includes sausage and some crackers so you two can have the perfect picnic together… inside, because it’s really cold out.

Love Bites Gift Set

Love Bites Gift Set, $25, Sugarfina

If one of your friends is going through a breakup, or is just bummed about Valentine’s Day in general, buy her this gift set that sums up exactly how she feels. It includes Swedish fish (plenty of fish in the sea), gummy piglets (men are pigs), and apple frogs (stop kissing frogs).

Beer Snacks

Beer Me! Gift Set, $80, Mouth

If you’ve never heard of Mouth, you’re missing out. Mouth has some incredible edible gift sets that mix together so many different delicious snacks and foods for any occasion. You will impress literally anyone with these. This Beer Me gift set includes some snacks for the beer-lover in your life.

Candies In A Pretty Box

Parisian Frousfrous Candies, $20, Food52

I don’t know what’s better: the beautiful box these candies come in, or the actual candies themselves. Buy this for your bestie. Once she’s done with the candy, she can keep the box for jewelry or something.

A Selection of Gourmet Marshmallows

Valentine’s Day Set, $43, Wondermade

Gourmet marshmallows should be something everyone gets as a gift at least once. This Wondermade set includes three different kinds: gold champagne, rose raspberry, and chocolate-drizzled strawberry.

Gourmet Pantry Foods

Pantry In A Bag, $100, Mouth

If you’re buying a V-Day gift for a serious foodie, go for this gift set from Mouth. It includes gourmet mustard, sea salt, pasta, sauce, champagne ketchup, and assorted other goodies. Hey, you may even be able to use it to make your own dinner for Valentine’s Day.

Gummy Candies

Sugar Mama Gift Set, $25, Sugarfina

Buy this Sugarfina set for the hot mom in your life, whether it’s your bestie or your own mom. It includes peach sweethearts, mama and baby gummy bears, and spicy chili ginger hearts. Try not to eat these on your own.

A Bottle Of Wine

Pinot Noir and Rewind Candle Gift Set, $40, Wine

A bottle of red wine makes for a great Valentine’s Day gift, but make it even more special with this set, which includes a lovely Rewind candle for a relaxing night in.

Treat House Gift Set

Gift Set, price varies, Treat House

Do yourself a favor and buy someone these cute little desserts. Treat House specializes in small marshmallow Rice Crispy treats with all sorts of added flavors: sprinkles, frosting, candy, caramel, marshmallow, etc. These are so good that you’ll have to make sure you steal one from whoever you’re buying them for.

Gourmet Cookies

Foodie Gift Set, $65, fruute

Look at these cookies! No, seriously, look at these cookies. You’ll want them for yourself. This Foodie gift set includes three cookies — green tea sable, salted caramel, and raspberry almond crumble — along with cute Russian dolls.

Handcrafted Marshmallows

Handcrafted Marshmallows, $22-$38, Food52

Who doesn’t want to eat a giant gourmet marshmallow? These Three Tarts marshmallows come in four different flavors — vanilla, espresso, raspberry, and cinnamon — and are all amazing. Pick just one box, or get all four for only $38.

Candy Bento Box

Sweetheart Bento Box, $60, Sugarfina

Who needs chocolate when you can do a bento box of different candies that are Valentine’s Day appropriate? This Sugarfina box includes eight different candies that are just as delicious as they are nice to look at.

Assorted Gourmet Snacks

Snack Mouth Taster, $50 or $85, Mouth

Give your V-Day date a bunch of gourmet snacks with this fun Mouth gift set. You can go for small or large depending on much money you want to spend — either way, this makes an amazing present.

Steak and Wine Set

Wine, Steak and Charcuterie Gift Basket, $105, Omaha Steaks

Instead of spending money on an elaborate dinner out, spend it on a romantic dinner in. This Omaha steak set includes everything you’ll need, from steak to wine to cheese appetizers.

Caramel Sauce

1LB Caramel Sauce Gift Bag with Spoon, $25, Spoonable

Oh, no big deal, it’s just a giant jar of caramel sauce from Spoonable. Just kidding, this might be one of the best gifts ever. And it’s super affordable!

Sriracha Ketchup

Sosu Srirachup 4 Pack, $32, Food52

This makes a perfect gift for the spice-lover in your life. These four little bottles of Sosu Srirachup should, ideally, last a while — although it is too good to ignore.


Veuve Clicquot Rose Champagne, $70, Wine

Get super fancy with this bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne. Rose is holiday-appropriate and tastes delicious.


Sweetheart Box, $35, Dana’s Bakery

Give the wonderful gift of macarons from Dana’s Bakery to someone special this year. This set is extra cute because the treats look little candy hearts.