20 Edible Valentine's Day Gifts That Are Way Less Cliche Than Boring Old Chocolate Or Fruit

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When you think about getting your significant other an edible present as a Valentine's Day gift, two things probably come to mind: chocolate and fruit. Maybe a nice little combination of both, like chocolate-covered strawberries, or a cute Edible Arrangement. And hey, there's nothing wrong with eating truffles and berries after your romantic V-Day dinner — actually, it's awesome — but sometimes you just want to do something a little different.

I mean, there are so many more delicious gifts out there that don't include chocolate or fruit that it would be a disgrace against humanity to not even at least explore your options. Why stick to the same thing everyone else is getting if you could buy a gourmet dessert that will impress your significant other or friend, and make their taste buds really happy? Make this Valentine's Day extra special and scrumptious, starting with these top picks.

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