Gia Allemand's Boyfriend Speaks Out

Almost two months after Bachelor star Gia Allemand committed suicide in New Orleans, the reality alum's boyfriend, Ryan Anderson, has spoken out about her passing. Anderson, who currently plays forward on the New Orleans Pelican, reportedly broke out into tears while talking to The New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Said Anderson on Allemand's death, "It helps to be [in New Orleans]. My family's with me. To be here with my teammates really helps a lot, but it's a roller-coaster." He added, "Every day is a challenge."

In August earlier this summer, Allemand was found after hanging herself in her apartment, where Anderson attempted to revive her. In response to her passing, the basketball player plans on starting a foundation in Allemand's honor. (The Bachelor star struggled with depression prior to her death.) "Something like that just doesn't happen for no reason," Anderson said. "And I know that ... there's ... a huge plan here."

Anderson's words about his late girlfriend are far more touching than those of some of Allemand's alleged friends. Earlier this summer, some spread rumors to media about Allemand's partying past, which the reality star's mother refuted in a statement: "As her mother, I am well aware of Gia's close friends and her best friends and I am personally going on record to refute all statements to the media out there thus far," she said in a statement.

And Allemand's mother is working with Anderson to give Allemand a charitable legacy. Said Anderson to the Times-Picayune, "We're in the process of starting something great for her with her family, including my family, too. We have a huge plan to do something great, great in her name that's going to help a lot of people."