Who Plays 'PLL's Newest Dude?

As we Pretty Little Liars fans know, we get all kinds of interesting individuals visiting Rosewood. For example, Season 5B includes Jonny Raymond, Pretty Little Liars' new artist who likes digging around in the Hastings' trash, because that's what you do when you live in the barn in their backyard and are trying to create new artwork (or so it seems). As we've seen, Jonny is already causing friction between Toby and Spencer, which I have no doubt will continue, especially based on Tuesday night's episode description, which reads: "Spencer's behavior causes problems for Toby at work." But all this isn't fair to the actor who plays Jonny, Will Bradley.

Bradley is pretty new to the television scene, so you probably don't recognize him just yet. Other than starring in Killing Lincoln and The Normal Heart, Bradley's acting resume is on the shorter side, but it will surely continue to grow thanks to PLL. Even though we've only seen Bradley a few times as the mysterious Jonny Raymond, obviously, there's more than meets the eye with this newcomer, because, duh, it's Rosewood.

Bradley is pulling off the ominous, creepy, and cryptic side of his character quite well. Jonny and Bradley seem to fit in quite well on the show that's full of secrets, lies, and murder. With that said, here are six reasons why Bradley and his character are perfect for Rosewood.

We Don't Know If He's Telling the Truth

Seriously, where did this guy come from? All we know is that he told Spencer that Veronica told his mom he could rent the guest house. Apparently, their moms are friends and Veronica sued Jonny's grandmother's nursing home for his mom. Do we know if this is true? No. Has Spencer even asked her mom about this Jonny guy living in their backyard? I don't know. All I know is, no one should be trusted, especially this Jonny.

He Mistook Spencer For Melissa

This doesn't bode well. When he first met Spencer, he called her "Melissa." Does he know the eldest Hastings? All I know is that anyone who mentions Melissa is probably bad news, in some kind of trouble, or is caught up in all kinds of lies and secrets.

He Makes Himself at Home

Anyone else find it odd that he just started going through Spencer's garbage nonchalantly without asking her? He seems to be making himself at him home and getting a bit too comfortable, at least for my taste.

He's a Bad Influence on Spencer

Now, college isn't for everyone, but we all know Spencer's always loved school and is meant for the educational world. I understand that she is scared because of "A," but she shouldn't let whoever it is affect her dreams. I have a funny feeling Jonny might be helping "A" and influencing Spencer into making some poor choices by not going to college.

He Doesn't Mind Living Where Someone Was Buried

Enough said.

He Acts Nervous Around Toby

He's totally freaked every time he sees Toby, and when he's carrying his police bag. Uh oh. Jonny, are you hiding something? Maybe Toby and Spencer need to check out the ban and Jonny's record.

Hopefully, Tuesday's new episode of PLL will reveal even more detail about this mysterious Jonny and let us see more of Bradley's acting chops.

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