This Baby's Face When She Sees Her Mom For The First Time Is Too Precious For Words

Have you had your daily dose of heart-meltingly adorable viral video yet? Even if you have, you're going to want to check out this video of a baby's face when she sees her mom for the first time, because it is just TOO CUTE. And I don't use caps lock lightly. In fact, I'm not even a baby person, but I still involuntarily cooed at the screen when Louise put on those glasses and saw her mom.Louise has those glasses in the first place because she was born with albinism, Buzzfeed reports, meaning that her body doesn't produce the pigment that gives hair, skin, and eyes their color. People typically think of white hair, pale skin, and red eyes when they think of albinism, but there are actually many variations on the condition, according to the National Organization for Albinism and Hyperpigmentation. All of them, however, are characterized by vision problems, which is why little Louise hadn't gotten a clear look at her mom before. The video, entitled "'Seeing' Mommy for the First Time," was posted in mid-January, but by the time this article was being written, it already had more than seven and a half million views, for obvious reasons. The baby's entire face lights up when she gets a good look at her mother for the first time. It's like a cuteness overload. Also: Baby. Glasses. GAH. Good luck controlling your incoherent flailing when you see it for yourself.