6 Reasons Why You Should Give Samchel a Chance

I ask of you only one thing, Finchel and Samcedes worshippers... put the metaphorical weapons down and leave your grievances at the door, if only for a moment. I know, I get it, it's hard to be objective when you feel so strongly about something (and let's be real, who hasn't been a rabid fan of one fictional couple or another) but it's impossible to enjoy anything if you always expect things to turn out exactly as you'd planned them to, or wanted them to. TV shows aren't a democracy. Sure, they invite you along for the ride, but you ain't the driver. I think we all forget that sometimes. And yes, it doesn't mean you'll always like where they're taking you, and Glee Season 6 may be driving us to a Sam and Rachel relationship destination, and it'd be prudent to prepare.

I've heard the Sam and Rachel, aka Samchel, arguments from both sides, from both ships. Yes, I do some healthy Twitter and Tumblr research (stalking) of the Glee fandom (so what?). But what actually surprised me was the positive reaction after it all went down. For instance, it trended on Twitter. No one's denying this isn't sour grapes for someone who had really wished for their couple to end up together in the end, but it's also a great opportunity for Glee to show that not all relationships have to be sky high declarations of fate and destiny. Not everyone ends up with their "soulmate," and not everyone has just one "soulmate." As you'll learn, most of the relationships in life that last are the ones that are practical.

So, with that in mind (if you're still with me) here are some reasons, based on some arguments I've seen, as to why I think you should just give Samchel a chance:

1. Not everyone can get a happy ending.

And, most of the couples already have.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: (Yeah, we all know they're going to end up together)

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

There's only so much happy to spread around on a show that is built on snark. Especially, as I've seen many people lament, because most of these relationships started in high school. And yes, I know Glee isn't hell bent on realism, but to be this cliche and saccharine toward the end would be almost a disservice. Not everyone ends up with their high school sweetheart. In fact, most don't.

2. Mercedes and Sam's differences were irreconcilable.

Possibly the most mature and reasonable break up Glee has ever seen, Sam and Mercedes realized that they didn't see eye to eye on the whole sex thing. Valiantly, both were willing to sacrifice for the other, but the only sacrifice that really made sense was parting ways. Mercedes wanted to wait till marriage and Sam was already happily sexually active.

3. A relationship might be good for Rachel.

There may not be a bigger Finchel fan than this girl right here (me!) but the reality is that Finn is gone and Rachel has been alone for about a year and a half Glee time (ish? I can't really keep up anymore) and her character has gone through more tumult in that span of time than the entirety of a Greek tragedy.

I'm the first person to laud independence, but I think a relationship, or better yet, a partner to support and uplift her, could be the thing she needs to propel her out of her slump.

4. There's just not enough time to establish a new character and new relationship.

Another argument I've seen from Finchel or Rachel fans is that they understand she needs to move on, but they want it to be with someone new. While that probably would have been feasible if this was a full, 22 epsiode season, or if it wasn't the final one, this isn't the case. They'd not only have to introduce the new character and have us get invested in him, they'd have to form the relationship in the same amount of time. To me, it'd be harder to swallow seeing Rachel move on with a two dimensional character than with a caring friend who she shares an undeniable chemistry with.

5. At least it's not out of left field. Sam and Rachel's first unexpected attraction was shown back in Season 5.

And it was steamy, OK?

6. But, more than anything, the Samchel scenes stole the show.

The piano lesson:

The duet:

I mean, when Vanessa Carlton's a fan, you know it's real.


If nothing else, it made the episode exciting and fresh! This season is about endings, but what comes with endings are new beginnings. And this beginning is one I'm looking forward to.

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