New 'Walking Dead' Pics and Trailers Prove Poor Rick Grimes Will Never Catch a Break

Poor Rick. First, he's shot on the job, then, when he wakes up alone in a hospital from an induced coma, he finds out that zombies have taken over the world and his wife and son are nowhere to be found. Then, he (stupidly) goes to Atlanta, only to find it overrun with zombies because it's a GODDAMN CITY ENVIRONMENT. Luckily, he's saved, but only to find out that his wife was shacking up with his former partner/best friend Shane, and now Shane hates him because Lori wants to be with her husband. Then Lori gets pregnant and dies. Also his son, Carl, is probably a sociopath because that's what happens when you grow up in a brave new world filled with zombies. Will the poor guy ever catch a break?

Judging by these new trailers and promotional shots for the upcoming fourth season, no, not this year. The gang thought they'd found a reliable shelter when they stumbled across a prison with fences strong enough to keep walkers out, but now someone is letting all those walkers in, so it doesn't really work anymore. They don't know who's doing it, but personally, I think it's pretty obvious that The Governor is doing it — after all, he will be back on the series this season.

Anyway, you can check out the teasers and a bunch of promotional pictures down below. The new season of The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC on Sunday, Oct. 13.


Images: AMC