BREAKING: Tom Hanks Still World's Most Charming Man, Proves So In Reddit AMA

I don't know if you can really call yourself an American if you're immune to the charms of Tom Hanks. He is a national treasure, dammit! Which is why this Reddit AMA Tom Hanks did Monday threw us right back into our old habits of YouTube-ing that Big piano scene and crying over that stupid volleyball. Wilssooonnn! You died so young.

Prepare yourselves, humans: Tom Hanks' charisma is in the house, and its answering questions. Here are some of our favorites:

Antithesys: Scenario: JJ Abrams is making a reboot movie of The Next Generation. Do you want the role of Picard, Riker, Data, Worf, or Q?Hanks: The Borg. Nothing else.

He's related to Abraham Lincoln's mom! Because of course he is.

Inkyou: My ex-girlfriends mother's name is Hanks, and they found out through a family tree that she was related to Abraham Lincoln's mother. I told her you were related to Lincoln's mother as well and to this day, she doesn't believe me. Can you please confirm or deny this?

Hanks: True. Nancy Hanks.

We got some good trivia.

Aengelpxl: Please tell me your favorite piece of trivia from a movie shoot, preferably something we probably didn't know.Hanks: I had a terrible case of the flu shooting the football scenes in Gump.

And some good advice.

Swampfunk: Howdy Tom Hanks, I want you to know, I work for a major university and as part of our marketing strategy planning, we had to decide what type of celebrity our school wanted to be like. We chose you. That's how awesome you are, entire universities attempt to mold their students to be like you. With that being said, if you could go back in time to send one message to yourself at age 30, what would you say?Hanks: Floss more often.

He's just so great.

ChairmanFrick: I still have a polaroid of you and me from 1993/4 when you were filming "that thing you do" on my street and randomly asked the 11 year old kid on the set if you could use the bathroom in his house.Hanks: Did you find my secret message?If you don't love him, I don't understand you and get out of my sight.

You can read the rest of the AMA here.