BREAKING: Tom Hanks Still World's Most Charming Man, Proves So In Reddit AMA

I don't know if you can really call yourself an American if you're immune to the charms of Tom Hanks. He is a national treasure, dammit! Which is why this Reddit AMA Tom Hanks did Monday threw us right back into our old habits of YouTube-ing that Big piano scene and crying over that stupid volleyball. Wilssooonnn! You died so young.

Prepare yourselves, humans: Tom Hanks' charisma is in the house, and its answering questions. Here are some of our favorites:

He's related to Abraham Lincoln's mom! Because of course he is.

Inkyou: My ex-girlfriends mother's name is Hanks, and they found out through a family tree that she was related to Abraham Lincoln's mother. I told her you were related to Lincoln's mother as well and to this day, she doesn't believe me. Can you please confirm or deny this?

Hanks: True. Nancy Hanks.

We got some good trivia.

And some good advice.

He's just so great.

You can read the rest of the AMA here.