What's Up With Bryan Cranston's Stache?!

There's weird facial hair and then there's weird facial hair. Bryan Cranston, star of the beloved series Breaking Bad, is definitely rocking the former at tonight's 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Cranston, who presented the award for "Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor In a Comedy Series" to Uzo Aduba ("Crazy Eyes" on Orange Is The New Black) took the stage sporting a very, very interesting look.

Perhaps the actor is longing for the days when he played a meth manufacturer on television, because his facial hair is just that creepy. While Cranston's classic black and white tux was sharp as can be, his elongated handlebar mustache and soul patch (yes, BOTH. AT THE SAME TIME.) certainly served to offset the look.

I can't say I'm a fan of the bizarrely sculpted facial hair, but Cranston is rocking it as hard as possible. One Twitter user even described him as "a sexy Satan," a description I can't help but agree with. Does this mean our forever Walter White wins for most interesting dude look of the night, given that Jared Leto and his man braid didn't steal the spotlight this time?

I really, really think so. Check out the 'stache for yourself.

Sexy Satan indeed!