The 'Unsung Fashion Hero' Strikes Again

Rashida Jones has been called the "unsung fashion hero" for her subtle amazing fashion choices, and she stole the show again at the SAG Awards. Rashida Jones was actually the definition of elegant in a plunging blue and white printed dress with light blue piping. This thick straps, though. That's what made the dress so perfectly unique.

She broke hearts whenever she and Chris Trainer — er, Rob Lowe — left Parks & Rec, but I think she tried to put it back together when she and Aubrey Plaza posted #elegantselfies on Twitter. Or maybe she tried to win back hearts when she ombred her hair purple to appear more...I don't know, human? But no, I think it was this bright dress that won my heart back. It's the perfect amount of color against black and white without overbearing. I only wish I could see her shoes.

Her beauty look is so natural, I can basically picture how she put it all together. Her red lipstick literally ties the classic, but colorful look together. And those bangs are still No.1 on my hair-crush list. Sure, I will never get over the friendship between her and Leslie Knope, but for now, her dress makes my heart happy.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Images: Getty Images