15 Hot Chocolate Recipes You Can Cozy Up To While Juno Wreaks Havoc Outside

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Everybody joked Winter Storm Juno would be all fluff and no flurry (get it?), but a few hours in and I was already a little nervous I didn't stock up on enough junk food from the grocery store. While the white stuff wreaks havoc on our plans (LOL not — nothing can stop me from watching The Bachelor train wreck we all know and love), one thing I am grateful for is unlimited opportunities over the next two days to make my favorite drink of the season: Hot chocolate.

And since we'll all be stuck inside with far too much time on our hands, what better time than now to try out these 15 gooey, rich, creamy, and silky smooth hot chocolate recipes? Since the store shelves are near empty — and you'll probably barely be able to make your way past your front door — you might have to get creative when it comes to recreating these chocolatey miracles. Even if you can't make anything but the boxed kind, these decadent, sweet treats are still delicious to look at.

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