Will Fish Mooney Die On 'Gotham'? She May Not Be A 'Batman' Character, But Don't Count Her Out Just Yet

The Liza secret is out, and as a result, things are not looking good for your favorite TV club owner. Is Fish Mooney going to die on Gotham ? She could put a whole new spin on the phrase "swimming with the fishes" if she kicked the bucket. Seriously though, Don Falcone means business, and his business tends to end in dead associates. Now that he knows Liza was spying on him under Fish's orders, she is in serious danger. She could easily become Gotham's next casualty, but I don't think we should be worried just yet.

Sure, if you are looking at this from a strictly by-the-comic-books standpoint, Fish was never long for this world in the first place. Unless Fish turns out to be Gotham's Joker, there's no place for her in Batman lore. She was never a comic book character, and both of her competitors — Falcone and Maroni— are well known Gotham crime bosses in DC Comics. Even Oswald Cobblepot stands a better chance. Everybody knows who the Penguin is, and he's not going anywhere until Bruce Wayne dons the Batsuit.

I sort of like to think of Fish as the glue that's keeping Gotham City together, even if "together" for Gotham means warring crime families and corrupt politicians. The fact that her character does not appear in the Batman comics leads me to believe that as soon as she leaves the city, living or otherwise, the town will descend into the chaos that Batman fans know it to be.

As a TV series, Gotham needs staying power, and getting rid of Jada Pinkett Smith this early in the game would be a bad, bad idea. This isn't a Sean Bean situation. Nothing good will come of killing off one of your best characters in the first season, even if you save it for May sweeps. Television needs more anti-heroines right now, and Fish Mooney is one of the best.

Plus, Fish is, if anything, a survivor. While she did not make good on her promise to protect Liza, she won't let herself go down so easily. Liza was already showing signs of doubt. I refuse to believe that Fish didn't have at least one or two backup plans in case her spy backed out of their deal. I also wouldn't count out Butch Gilzean. He's a pretty powerful dude, and he appears to be Fish Mooney's most trusted ally. We still don't know much about this henchman, however, I wouldn't be surprised if he had his own beef against Falcone, which would explain his unfailing loyalty to Fish.

But I would like to leave everyone with the reminder that penguins eat fish. So do cats, and there has to be a reason that they cast a villain whose character has just "a touch of Eartha Kitt" and is not Catwoman. Whether it's three weeks or three seasons down the road, Fish Mooney is probably going to die eventually on this show. I just hope it isn't any time soon — she's too much fun to watch!

Images: Jessica Miglio/FOX; Giphy (2)