Social Media Doesn't Give Us the Whole Picture

We've all been guilty of stalking our Facebook friends from time to time — even when we know that spying on other people's seemingly amazing lives is probably the worst thing we could be doing to ourselves right at that very moment. Comedian Pat Regan knows the deal better than most, though; accordingly, he's giving us a pleasant reminder that seeing may not actually be believing in his latest College Humor video, "Facebook Stalking Your More Successful Friends." And by "pleasant," I mean "kind of schadenfreude-tastic, but also absolutely hilarious."

Regan frequently incorporates music into his comedy, so what better way to examine the weirdness of our Facebook behaviors than by song? We talk a lot about how we curate our lives on social media, picking out the best bits and sharing them while keeping anything that makes us look less than awesome under wraps; "Facebook Stalking Your More Successful Friends," however, drives home the fact that no matter how perfect someone's life looks on social media, we're pretty much never seeing the whole picture. And that? Is actually kind of a comforting thought.

And it's not all just about schadenfreude, either (although that's definitely where the comedy lies for this particular video). The best part about the video is that it's intensely relatable: We've all spent days cooped up in our apartments and refusing to put pants on while wallowing in our misery and cursing whatever dieties we may or may not believe in for not having achieved everything everyone else we know has. So whenever we catch ourselves feeling inadequate in relation to our Facebook feeds, it's worth giving our Jerk Brains a smack and reminding them that not only do we not need to measure our success based on everyone else's, but moreover, that everyone else probably feels exactly the same way. We're all in the same metaphorical boat, so we may as well stop pretending our dinghy is another person's yacht (and vice versa).

So, the next time you feel kind of down, remember that this:

Usually looks more like this:


May be more like this:

And this:

Has a tendency to turn into this:

Stalk wisely, my friends.

Watch the full video here, and check out more of Pat Regan's work at his official website.

Images: College Humor/YouTube (6)