The Worst Pickup Lines, In 3 Words

Bad pickup lines have become an art unto themselves, so when #worst3wordpickuplines started trending on Twitter, there was no shortage of clever responses. Few women have managed to escape this awkward verbal gambit — although you'd think guys would know anyone past the age of 20 has heard them all before. Whether it's a creepy Tinder pickup line or a phrase delivered face-to-face, there are still dudes who continue to try their schtick out on unsuspecting ladies either with winking irony or strange straightforwardness.

To be fair, there are some funny enough to work. My all-time favorite lines are mostly from the 90's, either the Wayne's World inspired, "If you were a president you'd be Baberaham Lincoln," or any of the absurdly cheesy quips from Night At The Roxbury like, "Is that a mirror in your pocket? Because I can see myself in your pants." If someone tried those out on me I would at the very least be charmed by the references, so there is something to be said for using the right one on the right girl. Most of the time, however, pick up lines are the absolute worst, and some of these #worst3wordpickuplines easily top the list of terrible things to say to anyone you're remotely interested in.

Images: YouTube