#BlizzardBooks Aims to Make Our Snowpocalypse Fun

by Caitlin White

In case you've lost all contact with any form of social media or weather forecasts, a historic (according to New York City mayor Bill de Blasio) blizzard is going to slam down on New York and New England this week. For everyone whose work days are cancelled (bless your bosses' hearts), you've probably already stockpiled the necessities — books, wine, guacamole, and maybe some batteries or something — and are preparing to hold down the fort in your apartment until it passes. But let's face it: it could get ugly out there. We could lose power, which means (gasp!) losing Netflix and having to save our texting for only the most important messages so we don't drain our phone batteries. And just how long can that guac last outside of the fridge?

But Little Brown and Company, and the rest of us book nerds on Twitter, are hoping to keep the spirits high for the snowstorm in the meantime. The publishing company has contributed to the already existing hashtag #BlizzardBooks and commandeered by infusing some literary classics with a bit of the ice and cold that we're all set to endure. And there's nothing more exciting to Twitter than a good, solid pun.

The Coldfinch is top-notch. Blizzard Pants? You're stretching, Little Brown. But luckily other bookish Twitter users jumped in with a little moral and creative support.

Sleet, chill, and hail? It's a wintry mix up in this tweet.

I'm not sure I know what letting someone snow would entail, but the original novel is a bit weird and mysterious too so I'm on board here.

Very, very cold.

Not only an excellent pun, but perfectly appropriate to the current situation. Five stars.

Puffin USA jumped in on the publishing house punning action.

Simple. Clutch.

Switch "Western" to "Eastern" and I'm in love with this one.


Instead of a tornado, Dorothy is carried to Oz by a freak, Kansas blizzard, and yes, I smell a new dystopian, re-imagining YA novel.

First of all, I won't be going outside. Second of all, I'm inside and I'm already wearing more than a cowl neck to stay warm.

One thousand bonus points for the illustration.

The #BlizzardBooks hashtag is also a great resource (while your Internet lasts; cross your fingers) to find real recommendations for wintry books to read during the snowstorm, because really, what better excuse than two feet of snow is there for catching up on that lengthy TBR pile?

Image: petrrunjela/Fotolia