These Two Might Take Over the World with their Fab

Forget about Kim Kardashian's campaign to break the Internet with her nude cover on Paper Magazine ; she's just found an even better way to do it: By joining forces with an inimitable all-around super star/Eyebrow Goddess. Yep, Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian are covering Love Magazine , collaborating for what's sure to be a very viral hit.

I mean, first off, it's hard to imagine a higher combined quotient of social media savviness. And you know what else? Their shared cover is kind of perfect. They're both completely in character; they're serving up whatever makes them uniquely them to a T (if that makes any sense). Kardashian's doing her signature cool girl pouty half-smile, while Delevingne sticks her tongue out and looks as much like a cartoon as is humanly possible for a supermodel like herself, and both are framed by wet, tendril-y hair for what might be the best mash-up ever (and that includes Delevingnes's awesome Chanel collab with Pharrell).

They act as great counterparts to each other — the juxtaposition of their personalities is on point, and the shared sense of fun (yep, even for Kim's Sphynx-ian, no-smile-lines expression) showcases both to the best possible effect. Let's take a look!