The Amazing Stores I Wish Offered Plus Sizes

What's the only thing more obnoxious than feeling like you have nothing to wear? Knowing that you might not find something to remedy that closet discontent, even if you swung by the mall. There are plenty of amazing plus-size specific — and accommodating — clothing retailers online; but being able to buy clothes in-store that are above a 12 or L is pretty much an anomaly. As detractors of Target's online-only inclusion of plus-sizes for the Lilly Pulitzer collaboration have been saying, it's really important to be able to go into a store and try things on — especially when you're used to plus sizing and fit being so subjective.Take, for example, the mall nearest my house — which is the largest in my city and boasts 53 women's or unisex apparel stores — where there are three places in which I may be able to shop. One of them has a small plus-size section called "Above Average," another dedicates a whole eighth of its massive space to plus clothes, and the last one has literally three small racks tucked in with the maternity lines.

Even when it comes to online shopping, there are but a fraction of online retailers to shop that do carry plus-sizes. This is frustrating for me, to say the least, but it should also be frustrating to the other 52 retailers in that mall and the countless ones beyond. They're the ones that aren't currently making any money from me, or the other plus-sized shoppers of the world who are out there and willing to give them our hard-earned cash. The plus-size clothing industry grew 5 percent in 2013 and brought in $17.5 billion. And the highest rise in sales were for customers between 18-24 years old. So show us the clothes and we'll show you the money, trendy retailers. Is there more of a mutually beneficial relationship than that? Because I am daydreaming of the moment when I can go to the mall or log onto the web and pick out whatever my heart desires, here are 7 brilliant stores I'd like to see expand their ranges to carry plus-sizes:


Tri Tri Again Sweater Skirt, $73, Nasty Gal

Consumers have been begging for this for forever at this point. Nasty Gal told my friend on Twitter that this is something we can expect to come from them, so consider this a reminder, NG.


Checked Tee Dress by Boutique, $160, Top Shop

It's always disappointing to have a retailer make it over from abroad and end up feeling left out of everyone else's excitement and shopping sprees. Why can't extending your retail footprint and your size range go hand in hand?


Drapey Army Jacket, $80, Zara

The high-end European styling and affordable prices of Zara are something that many plus-size babes I know pine for. Shut up and take our money, Zara.


Babaton Bennett Dress, $145, Aritzia

These breezy, hip staples are well-cut on gorgeous fabrics. They launched a line of t-shirt dresses last year that were to die for and I've been dreaming of all of this "throw it on and go" goodness ever since.


Women Drape Pants, $15, Uniqlo

I will never stop being bitter for having to miss out on the Jenny Holzer collaboration from this year. Also, there aren't enough places to get low-cost plus basics. Save us, Uniqlo.


Oversized Boyshirt, $79, Madewell

Classic basics and well-made necessities with feminine touches, Madewell is making clothes that don't really exist in the plus-size world right now. And I want them.


Lilias Jumper, $199, Club Monaco

Look like a fashion editor for a fraction of the price of designer — if you're straight-sized, that is. Dramatic cuts and a perfect mix of oversized everything (not to mention perfect tailoring) make me lust over this brand.

Images: Getty; Courtesy Brands