Is Lil' Wayne's "Amazing Amy" About 'Gone Girl'?

There is probably not a Gone Girl sequel happening, but there is a new chapter in Amy Dunne's story. However, it wasn't written by author Gillian Flynn — it actually comes from a rapper. Lil' Wayne released "Amazing Amy" with Migos, and the song has some lyrics that sound like they're straight out of the thriller-novel-turned-movie. Warning: if you haven't read Gone Girl or seen the film, there are some spoilers ahead. OK? Read on if you're prepared.

“Amazing Amy, my bitch/That bitch gonna kill me/Then she’ll be famous/That's what's amazing," Weezy sings, and although Nick is not murdered in the book, she does do some serious killing. R.I.P., Desi Collings. "She must be schitzo/F*ck it, I love it/Don't fuck with my lover, boy/I'll take you under," he later adds, which could be about Nick's view of Amy, Desi's experience with her, or some combination of both. Another set of lyrics could be about Amy as well as he raps, "I’m in love with that ho, though/Even though she’s loco/That p*ssy got me bozo."

Since Lil' Wayne and Migos don't directly reference anything that describes Amy's looks — they actually talk about the woman being black and Asian — this whole track probably isn't about that Amazing Amy, but maybe they got some inspiration from her. Hey, since Gone Girl probably won't win any Oscars, this is a great runner-up prize, right? Listen below.

Image: 20th Century Fox