Want Your Instagrams Tattooed On Your Body?

Have you ever taken a photo of some wicked awesome clouds with your phone and thought, “Damn, I wish I could wear that?” Have you dreamt of adorning yourself with random pictures of your food and bathroom-mirror selfies? You are in luck, my friends. Your best faux-vintage photos are trapped in the darkness of cyberspace no longer—you can now transfer them onto your very own flesh!

Seriously, though, this is kind of cool. We all already know that temporary tattoos are awesome (after all, what’s not to love about skin art that is less expensive, less painful, and less permanent than the real thing?), but now you can make removable tats that are totally unique and personal to you. INK361, a web interface for Instagram, is offering a new service, called “Picattoo,” which allows Instagram users to have any of their photos turned into high-quality temporary tattoos. Users simply log in through their Instagram accounts, choose images, and then wait for their shiny new tats to arrive. At $14.99 for a set of 12, the price is pretty reasonable, and Picattoo’s free shipping worldwide doesn’t hurt either. Picattoo’s website suggests “Stick[ing] them on your friends while they’re sleeping,” which seems like a great way to get kicked in the face, but I'm not here to tell you how to live. But although I can’t condone involuntary tattooage, these tattoos seem like they would be great fun at parties. Just imagine having them at a birthday party—all of the guests could sport pics of the birthday girl! Or you could have a singles mixer, at the beginning of which everyone would get a tat with a random Instagram photo belonging to another guest, and through lots of mingling, you’d figure out which guest took the photo. Sparks would fly and everyone would get married. Genius, right? I could generate these million-dollar ideas all day.

Images: INK361 (2)