'Breaking Bad' Series Finale Spurs a Record-Breaking Amount of Illegal Behavior Online

In addition to those crazy/awesome ratings that the series finale of Breaking Bad pulled in this past Sunday, it seems that a ton of bad apples opted to watch the episode illegally, as well. According to The Guardian, Breaking Bad 's "Felina" is set to be the most pirated episode of the year, after the episode reached a whopping 500,000 downloads in the first 12 hours after it aired. The only other show that receives this amount of downloads is Game of Thrones, and that's actually understandable since HBO is a pay cable network — AMC is basic cable, and thus, these numbers mean people just couldn't wait to see the episode.

The numbers come from the blog TorrentFreak, which specializes in posting information about the world of torrenting, from downloading stats to the BitTorrent programs themselves. It may seem like a ton of people use torrents, but in reality, the numbers aren't usually this high — back in 2012, Games of Thrones was named the most torrented series of the year, and it pulled in 4.28 million downloads total over the entire season.

Breaking Bad's finale alone pulled in 500,000 in the first 12 hours, so there's really no telling how much the episode has been downloaded now, in total, over two days later.

Breaking Bad — over, and it still breaking records.