18 Times Emma Watson Looked Just Like Belle, As If You Needed More Proof That She's Perfect For 'Beauty & The Beast'

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Have you heard the best news ever? Emma Watson will be playing Belle in the upcoming live adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.

We all thought the ultra-intelligent, supremely mature Emma Watson was perfectly cast as Hermione in the Harry Potter films, but she might just have been cast as someone even more like her (who knew that was even possible?). Yup, a gracious, elegant, and well-read princess — could there (Chandler Bing inflection) be a role more perfect for the former Hermione?

Basically, she fits the part in every way possible, but right now, I'm focusing on her Disney Princess-approved makeup prowess. So, here are 18 times Emma's flawlessly fresh-faced/natural/etc makeup was just like Belle's!

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