What Treat Yo Self Means to the World

Though it's sad that Parks and Recreation 's final season is coming to an end painfully soon, the series is still giving us plenty to celebrate. This week we'll be treated to seeing what goes into planning the exquisite Donna Meagle's wedding. Entertainment Weekly provides an exclusive sneak peek into the affair, which will most certainly grace the landing page of Bloosh. Donna's Butler of Honor is none other than her partner in luxurious crime, Tom Haveford. To surprise the bride-to-be, Tom brings DJ Bluntz to her cake tasting and presents her with the most deluxe Treat Yo Self cake you could ever imagine. It's fabulous. Terry/Jerry/Gary/Larry is even in on it. It's clear that Treat Yo Self 2017 is going to be an historical occasion, filled with the finest face creams, silk scalp massages, and rose gold everything.

As it will be the last official Treat Yo Self day in Pawnee, we have to be thankful, even though we are forlorn. Treat Yo Self has taught us to not deny ourselves what we desire... no matter how "unnecessary" or "opulent." After all, you work hard, you deserve to spend some of your tax return on a really nice bottle of wine and a hunk of cheese that costs more per pound than your shoes. (Just me on that?)

In honor of Treat Yo Self 2017, let's take a look back at how we celebrated Treat Yo Self of days past.

Treat Yo Self 2011

Treats include:

Treat Yo Self Treats




Mimosas Fine Leather Goods

A Crystal Beetle

Velvet Slippies

Cashmere Socks

Lesson Learned: It's the best day of the year!

Ben Wyatt Treats Himself

Treats include:


Batman Suit

Lesson Learned: Live your dreams.

Treat Yo Self to Skymall

Treats include:


X Box

DVD Player

Awesome Bed

DJ Rumba

Dog Couch

Ice Cream Machine

Lesson Learned: Camping is terrible unless you make your tent like an actual hotel.

Treat Yo Self Outtakes

Treats include:



Happy Endings

Lesson Learned: The spirit of Treat Yo Self will change the 'tude of even the prickliest of sticklers.

So go on then.... TREAT YO SELF.

Image: NBC