We Now Know Fish Mooney's Real Name

Can you hear me giving a massive sigh of relief? Because I am. You see, on Monday's episode of Gotham, we found out a very interesting detail about our favorite gangster Fish Mooney. And that interesting detail is that her name isn't actually Fish Mooney. Oh, sure, we probably could have guessed that ourselves from the fact that no parent in their right mind would name their child Fish, but then again surely no gangster in their right mind would name themselves Fish? Either way, we now know that Fish was apparently born Marie Mercedes Mooney (ah, sweet alliteration) — and, if you're like me, you're eager to guess what this new revelation says about her comic book origins.

Nothing. Nada. Goose eggs. There is no Marie Mooney, Maria Mooney, Mercedes Mooney, or even just plain Mooney in the DC Comics universe. The closest we get is Jim Mooney — a comic book artist known for his stint on Supergirl. Fish remains a canon foreigner, and, while this new tidbit of knowledge about her is endlessly fascinating, it brings us no closer to understanding who she is or what role she plays in the creation of the Gotham we know from the Batman mythos. At the very least, she didn't die, as many of us feared she would when we saw the promo for "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon." She might be a little worse for the wear, and seeming even more mad (in the angry sense and the crazy sense) than she was before her capture, but at least she's not dead. Unlike poor, poor Liza.

However, even if we're not more clued into Fish's endgame than we were before, this episode does reveal deeper shades to her character. Her relationship with Butch got some sweet development, in the way he threatened his way through the city so he could arrive at the perfect moment to save her life and prevent her from losing a hand. Her fierce tenacity was displayed in the way she refused to leave town even though she had been so soundly beaten (literally and figuratively), determined to take Penguin down before she even even though of running. And no matter what was happening, Fish refused to give them the satisfaction of screaming.

I mean, I don't know about you, but Fish Mooney is my personal hero. And I look forward to learning more about Marie Mercedes — and the series of events that took her from the woman born with that name to becoming the Fish that we all know and love.

Image: Jessica Miglio/FOX