I, A Non-Teenager, Tried Demi's Skincare Line

Demi Lovato is the queen of makeup-less selfies, always showcasing her young, healthy, and obviously well cared for skin. I can't say I blame her for showing off the lovely canvas she has. Clearly, Lovato makes skincare a top priority, so it was only natural for Demi Lovato to launch Devonne by Demi, her own subscription-based skincare range. I tried it and I was quite surprised at the results on my non-teenage skin. I'm sure you're as skeptical as I was about yet another celebrity back brand: Is it quality? Does it make your face feel dry? Moisturized? How deeply does it clean? Is this just another celeb branding and marketing effort with little personality or connection to its A-list sponsor? Those are all valid questions.

Despite her general fan demographic, this range is actually recommended for those in-between years; the time when you're not as prone to regular breakouts, but you also aren't overly worried about wrinkles just yet. Overall? I loved the whole darn thing.

Lovato was intricately involved in the creation of Devonne by Demi and she and her team carefully selected ingredients (like Exfoliating Rice Extract, which is gentle and helps prevent clogged pores, and Reishi Mushroom, which aids in clearing skin imperfections). So, no, she isn't just slapping her name on the pretty jars.

Here, a breakdown of all the specific reasons I fell for Lovato's new line. At 30 bucks for the whole thing, it's definitely worth a shot.

1. The Smell

The Deep Facial Cleanser smells like heaven. It's lemony and sweet without being cloying. It basically smells like a yummy lemon Italian ice.

Deep Facial Cleanser , $14.95, Check It Out

2. So Fresh And So Clean

The DFC also lathers nicely and is creamy, without drying me out. My skin feels tight, firm, and fresh after I wash. Paired with a dime-sized drop of the 3-in-1 Moisturizing Primer, it's a nice, simple daily skincare routine.

3-in-1 Moisturizing Primer, $21.95, Check It Out

3. Super Duper Spritz

The Hydrating Radiance Mist refreshes my skin throughout dry, cold winter days. I am able to spritz a light amount onto my face without smearing my already-in-place makeup. The key here is light spritzes; don't overdo it or you will make a mess.

Hydrating Radiance Mist, $17.95, Check It Out

4. Purple Rain

The products come in a cute purple cloth clutch, which features the same birds Lovato has tattooed on her forearm.

Given the purple packaging, which would make Prince proud, I expected the products to have a powerful lavender scent, but they were lemony and creamy.

5. Mega Moisture

The primer/lotion is full coverage and thick, but it absorbs beautifully, rather than leaving a slick on your skin. I eat breakfast, drink tea, and feed my dog while it sinks in, then I easily apply a quick dab of concealer and powder on top without worrying about getting all smeared and cakey.

3-in-1 Moisturizing Primer, $21.95, Check It Out

Images: Demi Lovato/Instagram (3); Devonne by Demi/Instagram (1); Devonne by Demi (2); Amy Sciarretto (1)