Demi Lovato's Skincare Line Is Going To Rule

Demi Lovato, Style Chameleon, always looks amazing. Lovato has the coolest celeb style. Her lifestyle is go-go-go, due to her jobs as a singer, actress, author, and spokeswoman who supports young women dealing with issues like addiction and cutting. Her public figure and style icon statuses require her to use lots of products. With all those bright lights, HD cameras, stage-quality makeup, and photo shoots, Lovato's skin takes a beating, but she takes extra special care of it. Now, with Demi Lovato's new skincare line, Devonne by Demi, you can follow suit.

From the sounds of it, this three-step, subscription-based system, which costs $29.99 per month, is guaranteed to rock your life and your face. It also has a charity element and will be available in December. All. Good. Things.

"When you take time to do things for yourself like care for your skin, you feel the most confident," Lovato, who can rock punk rock pink hair or a major hairstyle change with confidence and ease, said about her beauty philosophy.

Lovato understands the need for fast, convenient products that, you know, work. Since she's constantly touring, traveling, and jetting from place to place, multi-tasking products are a must. Now, she is sharing them with you, since she has made it her life's mission to support, empower, and educate young girls about loving themselves, about not harming themselves, and talking to them about things that are good for them. "I am trying to help young girls and women all over the world love and accept themselves when they look in the mirror," she told PEOPLE. "I can guarantee that if you take care of your skin and use products that work, you'll find that confidence."

Lovato posts enough no makeup selfies to prove she has good skin that she pampers. Look at that natural gorgeousness in this pic from June. Yes, she is 22 with a youthful glow, but it's never too early to be proactive with a skincare routine and regimen.

Here's a rundown of the products and the system, which I am dying to try!

The Deep Facial Cleanser — which has to be divine since it has an uber calming lavender and chamomile scent — cleanses, moisturizes, and protects. You can't beat that, really. A product that does three things, instead of single products doing one thing, is always welcome in my bathroom vanity.

The Demi-approved system also boasts a Moisturizing Primer made with sweet lemon and peppermint. Mmmmm! It's designed to be a hydrating barrier between your face and your makeup. It absorbs instantly and is meant to be applied after your AM face wash.

The Hydrating Protection Mist, which also smells like sweet lemon and peppermint, looks to be something I'll carry with me at all times and in all circumstances. It is crafted for girls on the go, like Demetria Lovato herself, who is about to go on tour again.

This mist is meant to be spritzed on skin during those chaotic times to help calm both it and you down. It can be used throughout the day, over or under makeup, or as a light moisturizer for oily skin, too.

Oh, and another benefit: If you sign up, you'll get personal updates from Lovato herself.

As for the charity element? The subscriptions benefit the Lovato Treatment Scholarship, which supports young women's recovery programs.

Lovato also could have had her pick of products with which she wanted to brand herself. I love that she went with skincare, since it's not as common with young celebs. Cindy Crawford hawks skincare products, but Selena Gomez doesn't, you know? It's a fresh way to teach Lovatics and younger girls to take the best possible care of their skin. Lovato did team up with nail brand The New Black last year for innovative, textured lacquers that included studs, as well.

I'm also waiting for her to do a capsule collection for a fashion brand in her typical Demi Lovato rocker chick style.

Oh, and check out this adorbs pic of Lovato, who said she was getting ready for Halloween a bit early.

Bet she uses the Devonne by Demi system to scrub this stuff of that beautiful face of hers. Her everyday look is not this dramatic, but she does use heavy duty, artful makeup for shows, appearances and more... so. No doubt Lovato needs an effective but gentle, skin-loving range of products to look her best. I'm already down with Devonne by Demi for a variety of reasons. Who plans to check out the line?

Images: Demi Lovato/Instagram (3)