After 'Parenthood' Lauren Graham Has Projects That Are All Kinds of Big & Small Screen Coolness

For many of us, Lauren Graham appearing on our TV screens is a sign that no matter how rough life gets, everything will ultimately turn out OK. She's been one of the coolest moms in TV history, whether she's raising an overachieving brainiac like Rory Gilmore, or a lost rebel like Amber Braverman on Parenthood. She's a calming constant always doing her best. She's a real human person figuring out how to achieve the perfect balance between her personal life, professional life, and life as a parent. Naturally, I must know that after Parenthood ends, Lauren Graham will still grace us with her all-knowing presence.

With the series finale of Parenthood airing Thursday night, many of us are squirming on our couches with the terrifying thought of having to be separated from our favorite TV mom for any length of time. Her character Sarah Braverman finally gets her happy ending with Hank and she just became a grandmother and what.... that's it? Just, goodbye all of the sudden? I mean, even if her next role isn't even as a beloved TV mom, she has still practically raised us through our TV sets, so seeing her at all is a comfort I absolutely dread losing. Luckily, Graham isn't going anywhere, and she has a crap-ton of amazing projects on the horizon.

Here they are, so you can start counting down immediately:


Got any leftover Parenthood tears that still need to be shed? You should start preparing yourself for overwhelming feels now, because Graham's latest movie Max , will definitely tap right into your soul. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is about a military dog who is traumatized by the death of his handler in Afghanistan and is then adopted by his grieving family. Graham plays the mother of the fallen soldier, who witnesses the dog bonding with her youngest son.

The Odd Couple

A reboot of The Odd Couple has potential right off the bat, sure, but frankly, Graham isn't even one of the two leads and her presence is already saving this show. The leading roles of Felix and Oscar will be played by Thomas Lennon and Mathew Perry, respectively. Graham will star as Gaby, Oscar's ex-wife. And I. AM. IN.

Kate on Later

I saved the best for last because this as "INSTANT CLASSIC" written all over it. Ellen DeGeneres will serve as EP, first of all. And it's fitting, because Kate on Later is about a woman looking to break into the boys club of late night talk shows, as reported by TV Guide. Graham has the sharp wit and subtle swagger of a woman who could enter a male-dominated field by morning and be calling the shots by lunch. I have a very good feeling about this one.

Image: Colleen Hayes/NBC; Giphy (3)