Nick Jonas Joins 'Scream Queens' & This Could Be What Finally Firmly Establishes His Solo Career

Am I the only one who is getting increasingly curious as to exactly what kind of show Ryan Murphy is cooking up with Scream Queens? The show marks Ariana Grande's return to TV acting after Sam & Cat was cancelled, and brags an otherwise all-star cast of everyone from Lea Michele to Joe Manganiello to Jamie Lee Curtis to Emma Roberts. I can't imagine how half of these actors, actresses, and singers fit into the plot, let alone the dynamics that will crop up between them and horror genre veterans Roberts and Curtis. All I know is that I'm excited. Especially now that Nick Jonas has been cast in Scream Queens as well.

Of course, Jonas' character — let alone the characters being played by everyone else — has little to no information about him available right now. The first season of Scream Queens takes place in a college sorority house that is dealing with a series of murders, but whether Jonas is a frat boy or a detective or even the villain of the season still remains to be revealed. It's just both hilarious and fitting that Jonas is adding Scream Queens to his impressive resume of recent projects, because he's been working hard to remind us all why we used to silently consider him the most talented member of The Jonas Brothers.


I mean, don't get me wrong. All the Jonas Brothers were talented in their own way. Joe was the face of the band (and one of Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends who has a song written about him in "Forever & Always") and Kevin was the sweet, quiet one who got married and settled down early. However, Nick, darling Nick, was the one who had a solo career when he wasn't even a teenager yet before joining The Jonas Brothers and becoming a Nickelodeon-then-Disney star. Where other child stars would take this time to enter a downward spiral, Nick quietly disappeared for a while and then re-emerged hotter and more musically talented than ever before. I mean, really. Look at him before and after.

Thus, his role in Scream Queens just seems like the latest and greatest business decision he could make in terms of managing his career. Ryan Murphy's shows tend to be hits, and it could be just the kind of publicity that Jonas needs in order to take his career from star to superstar. I mean, despite being a much-lauded Broadway star, had anyone heard of Lea Michele before her stint on Glee? And was Emma Roberts ever as popular as she was during her roles in American Horror Story? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Of course, this all depends on whether Jonas has a reoccurring role or a regular role in the series — so let's keep our fingers crossed for regular. After all, there's no reason why I should be seeing a lot of Jonas back on my television again, what with some crazy murderer running around a fictional campus, you know?

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