Will Leonard Snart's Sister Lisa Be On 'The Flash'? Golden Glider May Have A Sneaky Introduction

On last week's episode of The Flash, Captain Cold and Heat Wave (oh, how I love saying that) were busted out of their prison convoy by a familiar female voice — Leonard Snart's sister. Will we see Lisa Snart on The Flash ? Her vocal appearance makes it pretty likely, but I wouldn't hold your breath that the criminal duo will become a trio any time soon. Yes, The Tomorrow People's Peyton List has been cast as Lisa Snart, but TVLine reports that she won't appear until Episode 16, "Rogue Time," which should air on March 3. I guess "rogue" is the term we're going for when it comes to non-metahuman criminals on The Flash, huh? This past week's episode was "Revenge of the Rogues." At least we know what to expect.

Why is this important? Lisa Snart, as you may have guessed by her previous actions, is just as much of a "rogue" as her brother and his friend. In The Flash comics, she takes on the alias "Golden Glider" and has her own beef with The Flash from time to time. Lisa Snart also has figure skates that produce their own ice. She's like a mechanical Elsa. A robot Elsa? Whatever, I want a pair!

This is how Access Hollywood described Lisa Snart's character on The Flash .

"While Leonard is cold and calculating, Lisa is a wild child and anxious to prove to her older brother she’s got what it takes to be in his criminal gang. She is sly, charming, and even a little sadistic. She's also not afraid to use her sexuality to get what she wants, which will put her on a collision course with S.T.A.R. Labs employee and friend of The Flash, Cisco Ramon."

She sounds like a fun female villain, and kind of reminds me of "Anybodys" in the musical West Side Story, a tomboy friend of the Jets that wanted to be in their gang as well. However, I'm a little bit concerned by how much she resembles Thea Queen on Arrow. What will make these characters different?

Also, that's bad news for Cisco! Think maybe the wise-cracking engineer will be the one to make the Golden Glider's skates, just like he made Captain Cold's gun? Also, if Lisa won't appear until Episode 16, which is at least five weeks away, what does that mean for Captain Cold and Heat Wave? Are we not going to see them for over a month either? Surely the pair won't be lying low for that long, and I presume that Lisa is still with them. Or is she?

My theory is that Lisa Snart will be introduced separately from her brother, at S.T.A.R. Labs. There must be a reason that we only heard her voice in that last scene. I bet, when she first shows her face, that her identity will be hidden somehow. Of course, some viewers will recognize List — and now we know to be on the lookout for anyone who cozies up to Cisco. However, I wouldn't be surprised if this "sly" villain is planning a big reveal. In the comics, the Golden Glider's competitive figure skating name was "Lisa Star," which may give us a clue as to how she'll pull the wool over S.T.A.R. Labs' eyes.

We may have to wait a while to see Lisa in action, but that just makes me all the more curious. I can't to see what yet another temperature-based villain has in store for The Flash.

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