Who Is Leonard Snart's Sister On 'The Flash'? Captain Cold May Be Joined By A Certain Figure Skating Villain

Just as fans expected, when The Flash returned Tuesday night it was packing heat — and a little bit of cold, too. The episode focused on Barry trying to take down not only Mick Rory, akaHeat Wave, but returning Central City nuisance, Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, as well. Obviously, after slowing himself down — hey, first time for everything, Barry! — he was able to overpower the duo and sent them off to Iron Heights. Or, so everyone thought. Before they made it to the prison, their truck was ambushed by Leonard Snart's sister.

As if Barry didn't already have enough trouble to deal with in Central City, now it appears that Captain Cold and Heat Wave have escaped — all thanks to this mysterious sibling. We don't get any glimpse of her, but Snart is certainly happy to see her and Mick's, well, shocked. Who is she? Is she really that alarming to see? And more importantly, is she the same sister that Snart has in the comics? Because, yes, Snart really has a sister.

While she may not be directly pulled from the source material, Snart has a sister named Lisa in DC Comics. Lisa, just like her brother, also enjoys cold-related things, like figure skating. Really! After enduring a troubled home life with her brother due to abusive parents, Lisa found comfort in figure skating. That's a villain outlet for fun I've never heard of before.

Just like her brother, she soon swore revenge on The Flash, after he defeated her lover (who was also her ice skating coach). Lisa took on the alias of "Glider" and she had skates that would allow her to skate — or glide — wherever need be.

Honestly, this type of villain sounds a little too random to suddenly show up in Central City and start causing havoc — let alone ambush a prison transport. So I wouldn't be surprised if Snart's sister deviates from what's already been established in the comics so far. Either way, Barry's got his work cut out for him now that he has two Snart siblings to deal with. Double the fun? Not likely.

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW