The 5 Best Airports To Get Stuck At During A Blizzard — Nice Work, Portland

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - JUNE 13: Football fans wearing football-shaped hats wait in the departure lounge of Sao Paulo Guarulhos airport on June 13, 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Group D teams, England and Italy, will play their opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup when they meet in Manaus tomorrow. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)
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Storm Juno is officially underway and as a result over 7,700 flights have been cancelled. No one wants to get stuck at an airport with no WiFi or Starbucks, so a website called Miss Travel (which basically seems like a weird cross between OKCupid, Kayak, and has compiled a list of the best airports to get stuck at during the blizzard, or any time of year.

You may have noticed that in the past few years airports have been expanding the availability of their perks. Comfortable lounges and trendy restaurants didn't used to be the norm, but that's been changing quickly. “Today, airports are stepping up their game to attract new travelers or create loyal customers,” CEO and Founder of MissTravel Brandon Wade says. used the survey data of over 50,000 of its customers to see which airports ranked the highest in amenities and positive experience, in order to find out which ones were the real deal. They were asked to rate their preferences based on comfort, customer service, convenience, and friendliness. 

Here are what customers ranked as the five "happiest" airports in 2014:

1. Portland, Oregon (PDX)

According to the study participants, Portland was one of the best airports because of the great shopping and WiFi access. High-end stores like Brookstone and Kiehl's give you the option to shop until you drop before your flight takes off. According to the PDX website, the popular hub also features art exhibitsperformances by musicians, and no sales tax

2. Savannah, Georgia (SAV)

This small southern town is probably not a place you'd guess would have a great airport, but it turns out that it's a diamond in the rough. People found the Savannah airport to be great because of its historic charm and unique southern architectural features, such as a mock square and gorgeous glass ceilings. I've actually been to this airport and although it's small (it only has 15 gates!), the workers were some of the friendliest, and the excitement that ensues every time a flight lands is pretty cute. 

3. San Francisco, California (SFO)

The San Francisco airport has been praised by many because of the expansive dining options, elegant design details, and modern finishes. The airport's amenities don't seem to have an end, as it has a museum, a yoga room, and even a spa. If you want to liven up your stay at the airport, this is definitely the place to be. 

4. West Palm Beach, Florida (PBI)

This Florida airport has a unique design that makes it much more efficient than other airports, as its design makes the space between areas (ticketing, baggage, etc.) much smaller, so the distances you have to walk are much smaller as well. Some interesting amenities that PBI has include a golf-course (so you can play a round before boarding), an easily accessible lost & found, and a variety of shops and restaurants. 

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PHL)

If you're a fitness buff, then you will love PHL. The airport has a "Just Plane Fun" fitness area which is nothing short of a full-fledged gym, over 130 shops and restaurants, spas, private suits, and of course, free WiFi. 

According to Wade, you'll probably be seeing more airports step up their game in the coming years. “The airports on this list are innovators due to their building design, customer service, and first-class amenities. Other airports should follow suit, or they could quickly lose clientele," he said.

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